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At PEACH, we strongly believe that the most happy, fun and rewarding lives belong to those who realise that living sustainably and without cruelty to animals and fellow humans isn’t restrictive; it’s liberating!

For whatever reason, In 2015, we realised something which we wish we’d realised a long time before. We had been lying to ourselves about our opinions of the link between ‘food’, and completely unnecessary cruelty to animals. It didn’t take much research and conversation before we accepted that we cannot continue to claim to love and care for animals, and continue to eat them.

We were already big foodies before this, but what has followed, to this very day, is a constant re-discovering of love for good food, a much healthier physical and mental state, and a constant & rewarding learning curve.

Quickly, we found ourselves delving deeper into the vegan lifestyle, and what it meant to us. We realised that sparring the life of a fish for dinner is a lovely gesture, but are we really doing enough if we’re still polluting their home with acidification and micro-plastics? So, we decide as much as possible to ditch plastic, re-use, swap dangerous chemicals for natural home recipes, and so on and so on. It’s funny; products made with wildlife and the planet in mind tend to be a whole lot better for humans, too!!

During this time, we’ve tried, tested and fallen in love with so many products, services and foods and, finally, in 2019, opened our very own Vegan Kitchen & Zero Waste Store on the Isle of Wight – the first of its kind here!
From the start, we wanted to make sure we were taking everything a step further to ensure we were doing the best we possibly can for animals, the environment and for people. This is why we:

  • regularly talk to and work with suppliers to encourage positive changes in packaging, achieving a completely waste free cycle in many cases
  • are 100% vegan in our cafe, store and online shop
  • work with local producers and suppliers wherever possible
  • always put our ethos and commitment to being earth conscious and animal friendly before profits, in all decision making

It is so exciting for us to now be offering an online zero-waste store to the Isle of Wight, in which we plan to keep growing and introducing awesome new game-changing products as and when we find them! It’s a big passion for us, and we’re just happy to be able to share it with you guys.

Have fun browsing, and hopefully see you in the cafe soon!

 Steph, Guy & Harry

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