Safety Razor – Silver


Billions of plastic razors and cartridges are thrown away every year. They can’t be recycled, as the metal is embedded in plastic. So, all this plastic is burned or ends up in nature, which is a disaster for the environment. Luckily, there are better options!
These zero-waste razors were widely used before the mass production of single-use razors. Major shaving companies, who only had profit in mind, made the traditional razor forgotten. Still, the zero-waste razors are now the best alternative to cartridge razors, for men and women alike. Completely plastic free, they use a single, recyclable stainless steel blade. How often you replace the blade depends on shave frequency, but in most cases can last for months. Replacing the blades is easy and extremely cost effective (find them in our shop!)
A useless marketing battle has led cartridge razors to embed 5 blades. That many blades irritate the skin and favours ingrown hair. All you need is one razor sharp blade to achieve that perfect shave.
1 Bambaw safety razor
1 Astra razor blade
1 In-depth digital user manual

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