Reusable Paper Towels


Zero-Waste Impact

Paper towels are common in many households since the early 20th century. The convenience of having disposable towels made it a huge commercial success. Since then, many people got used to using a kitchen roll for cleaning, drying or personal hygiene.

The impact of single-use kitchen rolls

Unfortunately, the convenience comes with a price. Each day, over 50.000 trees are cut down to meet the worldwide demand for single-use paper towels. This deforestation on a massive scale has a big impact on the environment. In addition, the transport of resources and paper towels emits huge amounts of greenhouse gasses. To make matters worse, the kitchen rolls are packed in single-use plastic and cannot be properly recycled.

Reusable kitchen rolls

To counter the deforestation for single-use paper towels, many alternatives are available. You can stop using them altogether and replace them with other handy kitchen aides, such as a cloth or a towel. But there are also eco-friendly options for the traditional kitchen roll available. Especially washable bamboo paper towels are a sustainable alternative which you can use like the single-use version.

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